Product Engineering Solution for a Proptech in Turkey


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    One of the most valued startup in Turkey
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    Acquired by iLab Ventures Dec 2021
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    Predictive real estate data analytics and insights platform.


Client with his limited budget wants to kick start his s/w development process simultaneously with his other process due to his seed funding for an innovative proptech idea. As our team already developed the platform and the technical architecture was similar to client requirements, we provided the base web api and SPA using AngularJS.


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    Client want a quick and quality technology solution, where he can onboard a development team, but want the platform to be architected, so their developers can start working from the code base. Challenge was the time and proven technology validation for the platform, so that they can start from the base template and build their application.


Client had his requirement for Developing
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    Application architecture for real estate data insights platform, offering Turkey’s first Automated Valuation Model (AVM)


  • We only provided the Initial Single Page Application architecture to kick start his development with his team. Architecture involved,

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    Code-first approach for db design
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    Separation of concerns with Dependency Injection
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    N-Tier Distribution
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    Web API endpoints for both web and mobile connection
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    SPA Web App with corresponding Authentication mechanism achieved through Web API


Client decided to work with us as We developed our own hyperlocal marketplace and able to demonstrate our capability on engineering a scalable software product which worked in both mobile and web application


Client’s Internal team started development based on our initial framework and the client was happy with our solution. One of the Most successful turkey startups. Our initial architecture might have been changed much before as they had a much faster growth.

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